Marie Grace Gaffud Antonio is an Open Source advocate working with Bluepoint Foundation as Executive Director and Director of Operations. Magie and Engels are proud parents of Psylocke & Phoenix.
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"Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure."

- Earl Wilson
Eunice & Elijah
Monday, May 15, 2006, 9:05 PM

My niece Eunice and nephew Eijah graduated last year. We miss them both since they're in the city of fruits -- Davao! I'm sure their mom will love this pic as much as we did.
Tita Perla
Wednesday, Oct 26, 2005, 6:09 PM

March 2005. Tita Perla, Tito Vic and his daughter Camille visit Phoenix the night before Tita Perla flies back to Norway.

February 2004. A hearty dinner at The Podium (Mini Shabu-Shabu) with Tita Perla, Psylocke and Engels, the photograper.
Tita Nilda
Wednesday, Oct 26, 2005, 6:08 PM

December 2004. Tita Nilda on a Hawaii vacation. Exactly a year after she visited the Philippines.
Wednesday, Oct 26, 2005, 6:04 PM

Here's 10-month old Aaron Gilbert Gaffud of Maryland with his first taste of choco ice cream. He's the pride of his dad, Emmanuel and his grandfather Gilbert (with whom he's probably named after) and great grandfather Sergio. Welcome to the clan Aaron!
Wednesday, Oct 26, 2005, 6:03 PM

My Dad (third from left) with his siblings - (left to right) Tita Perla, Tito Jimmy, and Tita Nilda, during a rare reunion in California.
For Glenda
Friday, Dec 12, 2003, 12:12 PM
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