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RedHat-Bluepoint Partnership
Wednesday, May 25, 2005, 10:20 PM
I stumbled upon the joint press release of Bluepoint Institute and Red Hat during our partnership last 2002. The May 13, 2005 release date in Red Hat's website is probably a typo.

Red Hat to Offer Linux Training and Professional Certification Programs in the Philippines

Addressing the increasing use of Linux for business internet applications and enterprise network functionality, Red Hat and Bluepoint Institute of Higher Technology Foundation expand the scope of Linux education opportunities in the Philippines.

AUSTRALIA - 13 February 2002 - Red Hat, Inc. (Nasdaq:RHAT), the leader in developing, deploying and managing Open Source solutions, announced today that Bluepoint Institute of Higher Technology Foundation, Inc. will be offering its Linux training and acclaimed RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) programs throughout the Philippines. The programs will extend the scope of professional training opportunities available to Linux systems and software professionals and position them to take greater advantage of the expanding Linux marketplace.

"Broadening our coverage in South East Asia has long been on the horizon for Red Hat", said Liam Mulhall, Regional Manager, Global Learning Services, Asia Pacific. "The Philippines is now a major hub for us, with the partnership complimenting the support and distribution channels we have developed over the last 2 quarters. Bluepoint has the ability, skills and geographical coverage to assist us in achieving our long term strategy for the Philippines."

"We have been providing comprehensive Linux training since 1999 and are delighted to collaborate with Red Hat in offering RHCE programs throughout the Philippines," said Magie Antonio, Executive Director, Bluepoint Institute of Higher Technology Foundation. "Filipinos are showing increased interest in lowering IT deployment and maintenance cost by deploying Linux-based solutions for their systems and networks. By working together, Bluepoint and Red Hat are able to offer first-rate, cost-effective Linux training and certification programs to meet these growing enterprise requirements."

About the RHCE certifications program:
RHCE's must pass a performance-based exam that tests actual competencies in Linux systems and network administration on live computer equipment. Established in January of 1999, the RHCE program is the oldest Red Hat Linux certification curriculum and the only performance-based certification program for any OS.

Over 16,000 people have taken an official Red Hat training course in the RHCE track. More than 6,700 students have taken the RHCE Exam, and 3,500 have received RHCE certification.

For more information on the RHCE program, course descriptions and facility locations, please see

RH033- US$400 (Red Hat Linux Essentials- 4 days)
RH133- US$400 (Red Hat Linux Systems Administration- 4 days)
RH253- US$450 (Red Hat Linux Networking and Administration- 4 days)
RH300- US$700 (Red Hat Certified Engineer Course- 5 days)
RH302- US$250 (Red Hat Certified Engineer Exam-1 day)

RH320- US$700 (Apache and Secure Web Server Administration- 5 days)
RH143- US$700 (Red Hat Linux Programming Essentials- 5 days)
RH221- US$700 (Red Hat Device Drivers- 5 days)
RHS342- US$450 (Developing Red Hat Firewall Solutions- 4 days)
RHS346- US$400 (Developing Red Hat VPN Solutions- 3 days)

Magie Antonio -
+63 2 534 1077

Classes will be held in Mandaluyong City, Manila
#7 First Street, Acacia Lane

About Red Hat, Inc.
Red Hat, the world's leading open source and Linux provider, is headquartered in Raleigh, NC with satellite offices spanning the globe. Red Hat is leading Linux and open source solutions into the mainstream by making high quality, low cost technology accessible. Red Hat provides operating system software along with middleware, applications and management solutions. Red Hat also offers support, training and consulting services to its customers worldwide and through top-tier partnerships. Red Hat's Open Source strategy offers customers a long term plan for building infrastructures that are based on and leverage open source technologies with focus on security and ease of management. Learn more:

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