Marie Grace Gaffud Antonio is an Open Source advocate working with Bluepoint Foundation as Executive Director and Director of Operations. Magie and Engels are proud parents of Psylocke & Phoenix.
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We forge the chains we wear in life.

- Charles Dickens
My Favorite Things
Thursday, Mar 13, 2008, 8:14 PM
The best hindrance to maintaining a blog is having time (the best time) to write, and deciding on what is interesting enough. I've been thinking of starting a gratitude journal. One that will make me smile whenever I read it. This is the first move; letting it step out of my brain.

1. I love my Merrell Red Barrado shoes.
2. I like meeting old friends, from Angelicum and UP Diliman.
3. I love to let time pass while on the seashore.
4. I want to go back to the fields of Matalapitap and watch the sun set.
5. This laptop completes my arm.
6. I hope to feel the excitement of Judo again.
7. Freshly brewed coffee waiting in my espresso machine.
8. The piano was once a part of me.
9. I love reading books. My books.
10. I feel lucky to know a few good men in my lifetime.
11. I'm happy whenever I see the man behind the special force.
12. I hope to have a chat with a cousin again.
13. I love talking to sensible people. They know how to appreciate.
14. I like our sunflower shower.
15. I wish to be in another country for a second or two.
16. I like to sing, sometimes.
17. I cherish my Olympus SLR digital camera. Taking photos is an opportunity for me despite the camphones all around.
18. I like Edgar Allan Poe, Sean Connery and Margaret Thatcher.
19. I love shake maki and sashimi.
20. I like helping others.
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