Marie Grace Gaffud Antonio is an Open Source advocate working with Bluepoint Foundation as Executive Director and Director of Operations. Magie and Engels are proud parents of Psylocke & Phoenix.
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"The higher type of man clings to virtue, the lower type of man clings to material comfort. The higher type of man cherishes justice, the lower type of man cherishes the hope of favors to be received."

- Confucius
Summer Geek Camp
Friday, Apr 4, 2008, 9:09 PM
Bluepoint Foundation and Bluepoint Linux Users Elite (BLUE) will hold the first Summer Geek Camp at Pacific Heights (Calaca, Batangas) and Carillo Garden Resort (Guinhawa South, Tagaytay City) from May 2 to 4, 2008.

Important items to be discussed before hitting the water:

Local FOSS Community Updates
Fedora Project Updates
Programming Fundamentals


Programming Languages
PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP)
Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX)
Ruby on Rails (RoR)

Development Tools
Java Development with Iced Tea
Eclipse Open Development Platform
Git Fast Version Control System
Network Services
Lighttpd High-Performance Webserver
Varnish High-Performance HTTP Accelerator
Asterisk Open Source Telephony Engine

Professional Certification
Linux Certification Exams Review

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